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While probiotics are commonly associated with digestive health, emerging research suggests their benefits extend to oral wellness as well. At Vineyard Dental Group, your trusted dentist in Temecula, we’re excited to explore the potential of probiotics in improving oral health and preventing dental diseases.

Easing Gingivitis Symptoms: Research published in Contemporary Clinical Dentistry indicates that probiotics can effectively reduce gum bleeding in individuals with moderate to severe gingivitis. In a study involving children, those supplemented with probiotics demonstrated significant improvements in gingival health compared to those given a placebo.

Combatting Periodontitis: Probiotics have also shown promise in fighting periodontitis, a serious gum disease caused by harmful bacteria. By targeting and suppressing these bacteria, probiotics help reduce inflammation and promote healing of the gums, preventing further progression of periodontal disease.

Preventing Cavities: In addition to gingivitis, probiotics have been found to contribute to a decrease in plaque formation, ultimately leading to fewer cavities. By displacing harmful bacteria and occupying the tooth surfaces, probiotics create an environment less conducive to decay, promoting better oral health overall.

Refreshing Breath: Probiotics may also play a role in combating bad breath by restoring the natural balance of bacteria in the mouth. By eliminating odor-causing bacteria and promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria, probiotics help maintain fresh breath and a healthy oral microbiome.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Probiotics: The benefits of probiotics extend beyond digestive health, with ongoing research exploring their various applications in promoting overall wellness. As researchers continue to uncover new insights, probiotics hold promise for maintaining a healthy mouth and body.

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